Dragqueen Catherrine Leclery
Catherrine Leclery doing what she loves: posing for the camera. Photo: Oliver Schaper

Catherrine Leclery: “I love the way people in Cologne communicate”

Cologne is a feeling. Our "K-Gefühl" series features well-known people from Cologne who have a special bond with the city. Today: drag queen Catherrine Leclery.

A true diva wants a city with the hottest places to see and be seen, which is why drag queen Catherrine Leclery fell in love with Cologne at first sight. The entertainer is a big fan of the Belgian Quarter – and the atmosphere at the Apropos Concept Store.

Where do people in Cologne know you from? And what about people who don’t live in Cologne?

I’ve been working in show business in Cologne for 25 years, in some top-name locations like Ivory Lounge and Flamingo Royal. Currently, I’m a host at Oscar at Apropos, responsible for welcoming guests. People from outside of Cologne know me from a number of things I’ve done for TV and cinema. For instance, I featured on Heidi Klum’s “Queen of Drags” show not too long ago.


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Catherrine Leclery in “Queen of Drags”

How would you describe your “Cologne feeling”? What do you think makes the city so special?

What really appeals to me about Cologne is the multicultural lifestyle. I get my “Cologne feeling” from the tolerance and acceptance people here live and breathe. I love the way people here communicate with each other. Their credo in life is “live and let live – and be happy!”

Dragqueen Catherrine Leclery
As vibrant as Cologne: drag queen Catherrine Leclery. Photo: Oliver Schaper

What’s your favourite place in Cologne and why?

There’s more than one. I especially love the Savoy Hotel and Oscar at Apropos. I feel at home there.

Does Cologne have any other places that mean something special to you?

Yes, the Musical Dome, for instance. Artists like myself love the stage. I’d also strongly recommend the parks in Cologne. There are a lot of lovely ones and I often explore them when I’m out jogging. Another thing that gives me a special feeling is cycling along the Rhine. It always gives me a sense of freedom.

Artists like myself love the stage.

Catherrine Leclery

Which is “your” district? And what is that makes you feel so at home there?

The Belgian Quarter. I think it has a special charm all of its own. It’s very central, lots of artists live here and there are some fantastic places to eat.

What’s special about the people in your district?

The people are really different. They’re really funny – just like me!

Can you give us any insider tips for places to eat there?

The top tips for dining out in my district are Oscar at Apropos, Noa, Via Bene and Heising und Adelmann.

What would you say only exists in Cologne and nowhere else?

Cologne Cathedral!

Where would you live if you didn’t live in Cologne?

Munich more than likely.

Why would you say Cologne is always worth a visit?

Because the people here are warm-hearted, open and tolerant. Plus, there’s masses to see and do. Cologne Carnival and Christopher Street Day, in particular, are unforgettable events that you just have to experience once in your life.

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