Porträt von Charlotte Ebert. Im Hintergrund grüne Pflanzen auf einem Holzregal
Charlotte Eebert shows us her favourite spots in Cologne's Südstadt district. Photo: Chips & Champagner/KölnTourismus

Discovering Cologne with… Charlotte Ebert

3 personalities, 3 places - in our new mini-series "Discovering Cologne with..." we accompanied 3 Cologne residents, portrayed them and got to know their favorite places.

Content and social media manager Charlotte Ebert takes us on a walk around the city. Born in the Südstadt district, she describes herself as “a Cologne gal through and through”. For her, it’s the warm-heartedness and humour that make the city and its people so special.

On our stroll through her neighbourhood, she takes us to her favourite eatery, Emmas Kiosk, in the Marienburg district and the nearby Südpark. Then it’s off to the shimmering Belgian Quarter, where she likes to browse through all the lovely little shops. Her grand finale takes us to grand heights: her office’s roof terrace, from where she can see almost as far as Bonn and where she and her colleagues like to end a hard day at work with a glass of kölsch.

Join Charlotte as she shows us around and discover what Cologne has to offer.


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