Chaiselongue von Gufram aus Grashalmen, in dem eine Frau liegt und in die Kamera schaut.
During Passagen Köln, QVEST Store will be showing timeless iconic designs, including works by Gufram. Photo: QVEST the room/Voggenreiter

Passagen Köln: showcasing tomorrow’s design trends

Passagen Köln is a design festival that presents architecture, lifestyle, urbanism and design in various studios, galleries and alternative spaces across the city. From 2 to 7 June 2023, the Cologne design scene will be hosting a series of events, exhibitions and discussions looking at design, art and architecture. The spotlight will be on innovative design projects, furniture, home accessories and fashion. Here are our five must-see highlights for design fans.

Designers Tower – A symbol of quality

Designers Tower is a platform for product and furniture design, organised by Kunstverein Kölnberg. Focusing on innovative, avantgarde and sustainable ideas, it showcases works by studios and new independent designers. In an exhibition format known for its excellent designs and highlights, the leitmotif is sustainability in furniture design and a critical view of its future. In an indication of the outstanding quality on show, a number of works exhibited at Designers Tower have won prestigious prizes, such as the Interior Innovation Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the Kölner Designpreis and the German Design Award.

Kunstverein Kölnberg, Aachener Straße 78-90, 50674 Cologne. Opening hours: Friday-Saturday: 3–9pm, Sunday: 3-7pm, Monday-Wednesday: 4-8.30pm

Mini escape room at the Park-Café

The Park-Café is located in Rheinpark, not far from the river, between the districts of Deutz and Mülheim. Design fans love the café’s architecture. Baudekolon, a design atelier in Cologne, was involved in the design process right from the outset. The firm began life working in film architecture and has been dreaming up film sets, props, furniture and production designs for more than 15 years. For Passagen Köln, the Park-Café has again teamed up with Baudekolon to create a mini escape room where visitors will be able to solve their way out of an old film set from 2 to 7 June.

Park-Café, Auenweg, Rheinpark 50679 Cologne. Opening hours: Monday–Friday: 11am–7pm, Saturday–Sunday 11am–6pm

Machwerkhaus Köln – A centre for design and urban production 

The machwerkstadt concept is all about bringing together the creative and craft industries, technology and trade. The plan is to set up these centres in towns seeking to promote creative innovation in sustainable urban development. During the Passagen festival, visitors to machwerkhaus Köln can take part in tours and workshops. If interaction and creative dialogue is your thing, the machwerkhaus, located in the district of Kalk, is the perfect place for you.

Machwerkhaus Köln, Dillenburgerstr. 71 – 92, 51105 Cologne. Open daily, 12–8pm

Iconic Awards 2023: innovative interior design

The Iconic Awards 2023 exhibition is part of the Passagen festival. Over a period of four days, it showcases all of the winning projects, from (outdoor) furniture to lighting and textiles. Norwegian furniture manufacturer Vestre will open the exhibition with a talk about branding, innovation and sustainability strategies. This year’s event runs from 4 to 7 June.

DESIGN POST KÖLN, Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 22a 50679 Cologne. Opening hours 4–7 June 2023: Sunday–Tuesday: 9am–9pm, Wednesday: 9am–6pm

addupp – furniture design for the individual

addupp is a studio based in the heart of Cologne. The young team of designers create innovative furniture that can be adapted to a wide variety of scenarios. The focus is on stylish shelving systems with minimalist aesthetics. addupp see inflexible, trend-based furniture as an antiquated concept. Their approach is that furniture should be variable, long-lasting and kind to the environment. The studio’s designs are intended as a response to the requirements of modern homes and a way of individualising living spaces.

addupp Studio, Frankstraße 21, 50676 Cologne. Opening hours: Daily, 10am–10pm 

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