Die Band Planschemalöör mit weißen Shirt und kurzen blauen Badehosen auf einem rosa Bett.
Blue trunks and songs to break your heart: Cologne band Planschemalöör. Photo: Planschemalöör

Planschemalöör: the new kids on the carnival block

Planschemalöör have carved out a permanent place for themselves in Cologne's music scene. Singer Juri tells us about his worst carnival memory, his hangover remedies and why he wants to run for mayor of Cologne.

What would Cologne’s carnival be without its bands? In addition to legendary cult groups like Höhner, Brings and Bläck Fööss, there are dozens of new ones helping to get the carnival party started. One of those currently causing a stir is Planschemalöör.

Planschemalöör are Mathis (drums), Pierre (guitar), Alex (bass) and Juri (vocals). The four young men describe their musical style as “surfpop o kölsch” – Beach Boys-style Californian surf music but in Cologne’s local dialect, kölsch. Their first hit, Heimat, an ode to their home city with a powerful message, made quite a splash in Cologne and beyond, securing them a place in the hearts of thousands of carnival fans. Their second studio album (Keine Band für eine Nacht) came out in October 2021.

Starting the carnival season firing on all cylinders

Planschemalöör have started the carnival season firing on all cylinders again this year. Their latest hit, “Eat Sleep Alaaf Repeat”, sees them donning jazzy swimming trunks and dancing their way into carnival revellers’ hearts in boyband fashion.


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Planschemalöör singer Juri answers our questions

Singer Juri took time out to answer our KwieKöln questionnaire before the carnival marathon really gets underway for Planschemalöör. Here’s what he had to say.

For me, Cologne is …

… not the most beautiful city in the world but it does have loads of character ;-). Cologne is the city where I was born, where lots of my favourite people live and where I’ve experienced an incredible amount of lovely things.

My favourite neighbourhood is …

… Ehrenfeld.

 The best Kölsch is …

… free.

If I didn’t live in Cologne, I’d …

… live with ten cats, twelve dogs, thirteen sheep and six cows in a country where it’s only ever sunny.

One thing I’ll never understand in Cologne is …

… how someone who cycles a lot can get old. I’m going to run for mayor in 2024 and then I’ll introduce five-metre-wide cycling paths (and I’ll move in to the chocolate museum).

During the carnival season, you’ll find me …

… in bed or on stage.

My fondest carnival memory was when …

… we marched into the Gürzenich hall in our bathrobes and the audience gave us a standing ovation after Heimat.

My worst carnival memory was when …

… an unfortunate interaction between my mouth and somebody else’s elbow led to me losing part of a tooth during the first song of a gig and spending the rest of the show looking for it on the floor.

My best tip for a hangover remedy …

… lots of sympathy and long walks in the fresh air.

The thing I look forward to most is …

… a long hug from my grandma and the words, “Come and have a chocolate, lad.”

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